Rhythm and sound interact relentlessly, engaging the world in a symphonic seduction that I fall captive to everyday of my life. Music penetrates my body, mind, and soul. I am built for creating and so I find my art to be the struggle I experience to visually represent the sounds that surround me everyday. Art that moves me has texture, depth, rhythm, and the ability to tell a subjective story. I never tell my audience what my songs mean to me, and so it is with my art as well. I am fascinated by the universal ability of humans to connect through the arts and the impact that the realization of this ability has on the individual and groups alike. I choose this body of work to represent the recent experiences I have had with what I identify within myself as the soul. As five unrehearsed musicians collaborate in harmony and synchronized rhythm, so I too attempt to bring together a disheveled mind on a piece of canvas, wood, or paper. Through my art I yearn for only a deeper realization and comprehension of why I am here and what I was built for. As of yet all I truly know is that I am built for creation.

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The Ballroom Thieves performing “Archers” at Audiotree in Chicago.

playing House of Blues in Boston was a pretty amazing night…lovin’ it.